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Brand statement

The TBS Corporate Philosophy

TBS Corporate Philosophy

The TBS Group aims to deliver timeless content and
services to the world,
respecting diverse values and striving to
make a positive contribution to society.

Brand promise

To create entertaining and inspiring experiences that move hearts and minds.

From each moment,
a better tomorrow.


Brand message

Moments in motion.

This message embodies our commitment to providing content
and services that set inspiring, exciting, and joyful moments in motion,
defining the cultural moment and making a positive contribution to society.

The TBS logo



The angle from the bottom of the ‘T’ through to the ‘S’ is 66.6̊ and represents our broadcast channel number ‘6’ – the backbone of everything we do, as we move into a new future. The remaining angle is 23.4̊, which is equivalent to the inclination of the Earth’s axis – and represents the global outlook of the TBS Group.

The space between the T and the B, with the diagonal line from the T, represents an open doorway to tomorrow. The design is universal and simple, while encompassing the unique qualities of the TBS Group, its Corporate Philosophy and Brand Promise.